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Assessing general health among stroke patients through a comparative methodology


The aim of present study was to compare general health status and its domains like mood domain between stroke patients and other causes of hospitalization.

Materials and methods

In a hospital based case-control study a total of 150 stroke cases along with 150 controls were enrolled. Study participants were selected from those patients hospitalized in Alavi, Bouali and Fatemi university hospitals located in Ardabil, north-west of Iran. Participants were interviewed and a questionnaire containing demographic information, known stroke risk factors and GHQ 28 questions was filled out for them. Data were analyzed by SPSS version 13 statistical package.


Demographic characteristics in case and control groups were not statistically different. Mean total GHQ score was 13.02″4.8 (Mean″SD). It was 13.85 in case group and 12.36 in control group. However those having a high GHQ score hadn=t different distribution between two groups.


It maybe concluded that although stroke affects general health status and increases chance of depression but this may not be more than the effect of some other diseases or hospitalization itself.

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Savadi-Oskoue, D., Parviz, M., Mansoureh, K. et al. Assessing general health among stroke patients through a comparative methodology. Ann Gen Psychiatry 7 (Suppl 1), S319 (2008).

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