Volume 7 Supplement 1

International Society on Brain and Behaviour: 3rd International Congress on Brain and Behaviour

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Smoking and neuropsychiatric disorders: a comparison of oxidative stress in smokers compared with non-smokers

  • Basant K Puri1,
  • Ian H Treasaden1, 2 and
  • Brian M Ross3
Annals of General Psychiatry20087(Suppl 1):S85


Published: 17 April 2008

This study tested the hypothesis that oxidative stress is higher in smokers compared with age- and sex-matched non-smokers. We found no significant difference in exhaled ethane levels between these two groups. The reasons for this finding will be discussed and the implications in relation to smoking, fatty acids and neuropsychiatric disorders will be described.

Authors’ Affiliations

Imperial College
West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Lakehead University


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