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Evaluating the effect of Cannabis sativa seed extraction on memory


Δ9-THC is a psychotropic component of Cannabis sativa plant, studies show this matter can bind Cannabinoid receptor in CA1 area of Hippocamp. Thus the aim of this study is evaluation of the effect of aqua extraction Cannabis sativa seed on spatial memory consolidation in rats.

Materials and methods

Cannabis sativa seed was extracted with Soxhlet apparatus. To test spatial memory, Morris water mazemaze (7 days, 4 trails) was used.

Experimental groups with 25, 50, 150 -1 were injected in the peritoneal (IP) and after one hour of injection spatial memory was scaled.


The results show that experimental groups (50,100,150 -1 doses), for learning time have significant level deduction in the comparison with control group (p < 0.05).


We demonstrate Cannabis sativa seed in low doses can cause Spatial memory improvement but in high dose has not significant level in comparison with control group.


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We thank Azad University for support.

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Alireza Moghaddas Yazdi.

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