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Table 4 Patient’s psychiatric disorders related characteristics of patients with mental disorders visiting psychiatry outpatient unit in Mekelle town, psychiatric clinics, Northern Ethiopia, 2019 (n = 221, control = 147, and case = 74)

From: Determinants of suicidal ideation among patients with mental disorders visiting psychiatry outpatient unit in Mekelle town, psychiatric clinics, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: a case–control study

VariableCategoryControl (n = 147)Case (n = 74)
DisordersMajor depressive disorders43(29.3)38(51.4)
Bipolar disorders21(14.3)5(6.8)
Other psychotic disorders9(6.1)1(1.4)
Other psychiatric disorders17(11.6)10(13.5)
A psychotic feature associated with suicideNo102(95.3)36(70.6)
A hallucination that tells/commands him/her to commit suicide4(3.7)11(21.6)
The delusion that believes I do not want to eat so as to die1(0.9)4(7.8)
Mode of illness onsetAbrupt (within hours/days)13(8.8)15(20.3)
Acute (< 3 months)63(42.9)31(41.9)
Insidious, 3–12 months53(36.1)19(25.7)
Insidious, ≥ 12 months18(12.2)9(12.2)
Duration of illness since diagnosedAcute < 3 months20(13.6)11(14.9)
Sub-acute, 3 months–2 years68(46.3)35(47.3)
Chronic, 2 years and above59(40.1)28(37.8)
Admission1 week9(26.5)7(26.9)
2 weeks8(23.5)9(34.6)
3 weeks9(26.5)5(19.2)
1 month and above8(23.5)5(19.2)
Frequency visitLess than 1 month10(6.8)15(20.3)
Every 1 month71(48.3)39(52.7)
Every 2 months48(32.7)12(16.2)
Every 3 months13(8.8)2(2.7)
  1. Major depressive disorders include major depressive disorder, a major depressive disorder with a psychotic feature, and severe major depressive disorder with the psychotic feature. Bipolar disorders include bipolar I disorder, bipolar I disorder with the psychotic feature
  2. Other psychotic disorders include schizophreniform disorder and brief psychotic disorder and substance-induced psychotic disorder. Other psychiatric disorders include somatic symptom disorder GAD, PTSD, MDD with PTSD, schizophrenia comorbid with post-traumatic symptoms, schizophrenia comorbid with depression, SAD, GAD comorbid with SAD, GAD comorbid with MDD; and OCD
  3. OtherF includes those who visit less frequency follow-up and send their relatives for follow-up